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Shosaikoto Extract Granules

Shosaikoto Extract Granules

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疲労倦怠 胃炎 胃痛 食欲不振

Shosaikoto Extract Granules《Tsumura Kampo》

Japanese:小柴胡湯 Shosaikoto
Chinese:小柴胡湯 Xiǎochái hú tāng

Internal capacity

20 packets

Prescription commentary

This herbal medicine is used when a cold is complicated, especially when accompanied by digestive symptoms such as loss of appetite and nausea.

It is suitable for those with moderate physical strength, discomfort in the area from the side of the stomach to the solar plexus, and a bitter taste in the mouth.

In Chinese medicine, it is believed that when the gastrointestinal tract is not functioning properly, the body does not produce "qi," the life energy, and the resistance to disease is reduced.

There are various causes of poor gastrointestinal function, but one of the main causes is the accumulation of excess heat in the stomach and intestines.

In Chinese medicine, there is a specific concept of "the five organs (Liver, Heart, Spleen, Lung, and Kidney).

Of these, the "Liver" is responsible for controlling "Qi" and "Blood.

Therefore, when the "Liver" is sluggish, "Qi" and "Blood" do not circulate properly in the body, and excess heat is stored in the stomach and intestines.

"Koshibako-tou" improves loss of appetite, stomachache, nausea, and gastritis when a cold is complicated by regulating the condition of the "liver" and normalizing the function of the stomach and intestines.


Take the following dosages with water or warm water before a meal.

Daily dosage: 2 times a day

15 years and over
1 packet
7 years old and over and under 15 years old
2/3 packet
4 years old and over and under 7 years old
1/2 packet
2 years old and over and under 4 years old
1/3 packet
Less than 2 years
Do not use

Ingredient name/ingredient display

2 packets (3.75 g) of this medicine contain 2.25 g of Shosaikoto extract of the following mixed crude drugs;

JP Bupleurum Root 3.5 g
JP Pinellia Tuber 2.5 g
JP Scutellaria Root 1.5 g
JP Jujube 1.5 g
JP Ginseng 1.5 g
JP Glycyrrhiza 1.0 g
JP Ginger 0.5 g

(JP: The Japanese Pharmacopoeia) Inactive ingredients: JP Magnesium Stearate, JP Lactose Hydrate, Sucrose Esters of Fatty Acids

Medicinal effect

Following symptoms in persons with moderate physical strengthwho complaint pain and discomfort in the solar plexus and flank, and suffered from loss of appetite, bitter sensation in the mouth and furry white tongue: Loss of appetite, nausea, gastritis, gastric pain, gastrointestinal weakness, fatigue, and late stage of common cold.







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