About Kampo Station

Initiatives at Kampo Station

Kampo Station is a shop that delivers pharmaceuticals to people around the world, with a focus on Japanese herbal medicines.
Currently, we have a few dozen products, but we are planning to gradually increase them.
We would like to hear your opinions as we move forward.

When selling Kampo medicines to the world

Today's Western medicine has made great progress, and without Western medicine (chemical substances), people's lifespans may be halved. At the same time, it seems that there are diseases that are difficult to improve with Western medicine and strong side effects due to chemical substances. Chinese herbal medicines do not have the immediate effect of Western medicines, but they have few side effects and seem to have the effect of fundamentally improving the constitution itself.

On a personal note, my wife had an intractable disease and took a lot of Western medicine every day. However, recovery was difficult. At that time, it was Chinese medicine that I met around various medical institutions. Kampo medicine is not as good as Western medicine in terms of direct changes in the recovery of symptoms of illness in a short period of time, but it seems to be superior in improving physical condition, conditioning the constitution, and improving the whole body. I feel that my wife's personality has become brighter because my physical condition has improved little by little.

What I noticed when I started studying Kampo, even though I was an amateur, was that cockatiels with runny noses in the winter would nibble on mandarin peels (mandarin peels, which have a warming effect on the body), and gypsum in the middle of summer. One of the ingredients of Chinese medicine, which has the effect of cooling the body), and I am interested in their innate intelligence.

It took a while, but my wife, who gets tired easily, has started taking herbal medicine and going out more often.
When I was a child, medical institutions rarely prescribed Kampo medicines, but now in Japan they are prescribed at medical institutions in the same way as Western medicines.

I would be happy if everyone in the world knew about Japanese Kampo medicines and that they could be of some help to your health.

Thoughts in the logo mark

The initial letter"K"is expressed by combining four crude drugs,"leaf","root","fruit"and"mineral", which are raw materials of Chinese herbal medicine.
I imagined the calmness of the traditional Japanese style, along with the gratitude and strength of the blessings of nature.