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Kikyoto Extract Granules

Kikyoto Extract Granules

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扁桃周囲炎 扁桃炎

Kikyoto Extract Granules《Tsumura Kampo》

Japanese:桔梗湯 Kikyoto
Chinese:桔梗湯 Jiégěng tāng

Internal capacity

20 packets

Prescription commentary

This herbal medicine is used for a sore or swollen throat.

It is suitable for sore throats associated with colds, overuse of the throat, dry throat, and other inflammation.

" Kikyoto" is a remedy for the symptoms of tonsillitis with a sore throat by moistening the throat and soothing swelling and pain.

It is best to take it slowly, taking a small amount in the mouth.


Following doses should be taken as follows: Hold small amount of this medicine in the mouth by dividing into batches, dissolve it slowly with water or warm water, and swallow it little by little.

Daily dosage: 2 times a day

15 years and over
1 packet
7 years old and over and under 15 years old
2/3 packet
4 years old and over and under 7 years old
1/2 packet
2 years old and over and under 4 years old
1/3 packet
Less than 2 years
Do not use

Ingredient name/ingredient display

2 packets (3.75 g) of this medicine contain 0.625 g of Kikyoto extract of the following mixed crude drugs;

JP Glycyrrhiza 1.5 g
JP Platycodon Root 1.0 g

(JP: The Japanese Pharmacopoeia) Inactive ingredients: JP Magnesium Stearate, JP Lactose Hydrate.

Medicinal effect

Following symptoms in persons who have swelling and pain of the throat, and sometimes experience coughing. This medicine can be applied to everyone regardless of physical performance: Tonsillitis and peritonsillitis.







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