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Goreisanryo Extract Granules A

Goreisanryo Extract Granules A

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むくみ 下痢 二日酔 頭痛

Goreisanryo Extract Granules A《Tsumura Kampo》

Japanese:五苓散 Goreisan
Chinese:五苓散 Wu líng sàn

Internal capacity

10packs(for 5 days) / 48packs(for 24 days)

Prescription commentary

"Goreisanryo" is a herbal medicine that balances the flow of "water" in the body.

When the flow of "water" in the body is blocked, thirst, poor absorption of "water" from the intestines, nausea and diarrhea occur.

Goreisanryo helps to balance the flow of water in the body by promoting the elimination of water from areas of stagnation and replenishing water in areas of deficiency.

Symptoms of water imbalance include hangovers and headaches caused by changes in atmospheric pressure, and Goreisanryo can improve these symptoms.


Take the following dosages with water or warm water before a meal.

15 years and over
1 packet
7 years old and over and under 15 years old
2/3 packet
4 years old and over and under 7 years old
1/2 packet
2 years old and over and under 4 years old
1/3 packet
Less than 2 years
Do not use

Ingredient name/ingredient display

2 packets (3.75 g) of this medicine contain 1.0 g of Goreisan extract of the following mixed crude drugs;

Ingredients Quantity
JP Alisma Rhizome 2.0 g
JP Atractylodes Lancea Rhizome 1.5 g
JP Polyporus Sclerotium 1.5 g
JP Poria Sclerotium 1.5 g
JP Cinnamon Bark 0.75 g

(JP: The Japanese Pharmacopoeia) Inactive ingredients: JP Magnesium Stearate, JP Lactose Hydrate.

Medicinal effect

Following symptoms in persons who complaint thirst and decreased urine volume accompanying any of dizziness, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, headache or edema. This medicine can be applied to everyone regardless of physical performance: Watery diarrhea, acute gastroenteritis (Do not use for shiburihara [tenesmus]*), heat stroke, headache, edema, and hangover.
*Shiburihara [tenesmus] is the symptom consisting of feeling of unsatisfied defecation and repetitive defecation desire with abdominal pain.

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