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Choreito Extract Granules A

Choreito Extract Granules A

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むくみ 排尿痛 残尿感 頻尿

Choreito Extract Granules A《Tsumura Kampo》

Japanese:猪苓湯 Choreito
Chinese:豬苓湯 Zhū líng tāng

Internal capacity

20 packets

Prescription commentary

"Choreito" is a herbal medicine used to treat urinary problems such as urinary pain, residual urine, and frequency of urination.

It is suitable for those who have low urine volume and thirst.

In Chinese medicine, there is a concept of "water" that moistens the body.

Choreito improves urinary symptoms by circulating "water" in the body, excreting excess "water" as urine, and reducing inflammation around the bladder.

It also improves swelling because excess "water" is excreted as urine.


Take the following dosages with water or warm water before a meal.

15 years and over
1 packet
7 years old and over and under 15 years old
2/3 packet
4 years old and over and under 7 years old
1/2 packet
2 years old and over and under 4 years old
1/3 packet
Less than 2 years
Do not use

Ingredient name/ingredient display

2 packets (3.75 g) of this medicine contain 1.25 g of Choreito extract of the following mixed crude drugs;

JP Alminum Silicate Hydrate with Silicon Dioxide 1.5 g
JP Alisma Rhizome 1.5 g
JP Polyporus Sclerotium 1.5 g
JP Poria Sclerotium 1.5 g
Donkey Glue 1.5 g

(JP: The Japanese Pharmacopoeia) Inactive ingredients: JP Magnesium Stearate, JP Lactose Hydrate.

Medicinal effect

Following symptoms in persons who have abnormality of urination, and sometimes experience thirst. This medicine can be applied to everyone regardless of physical performance: Urination difficulty, urination pain, feeling of residual urine, frequent urination, and edema.







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