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低血圧 貧血

Shimotsukekkosan 《Kracie's Kampo》

Japanese:四物血行散 shimotsukekyosan
Chinese:四物湯 Si wu tang 加 白朮 Báizhú, 茯苓 Fúlíng

24 packs (for 8 days)

Prescription commentary

Shimotsukekkosan is a Japanese empirical formula that combines Shimotsu-to with Byakujutsu and Bukuryo.

It is effective for symptoms such as feeling sluggish due to low blood pressure, lightheadedness due to anemia, and being unable to wake up in the morning.

It is used to improve physical condition due to blood ischemia such as anemia and hypotension, and to treat indefinite complaints due to gynecological diseases.


Take with water or hot water before or between meals 3 times a day.

Adult (15 years old and over)
1 package per time
Under 15 years old 12 years old and over
2/3 packets once
Under 12 years old 7 years old and over
1/2 pack once
Under 7 years old 4 years old and over
1/3 pack once
under 4 years old
Do not take

Ingredient name/ingredient display

Extract extracted from the following herbal medicines in 3 packs (1.5 g per pack) for adults per day:4.62 mL (0.30 g as solid)
[0.25g each of peony and peony, 1.50g each of senkyu and radish]

medicinal effect

General malaise associated with anemia, hypotension, menstrual irregularities, neurological symptoms due to various gynecological diseases (dizziness, hot flashes, tinnitus, headache, insomnia, depression, anxiety), uterine bleeding, anemia due to prenatal and postnatal and pregnancy, pregnant women tonic, maternal tonic







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