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Jumihaidokuto Extract Tablets

Jumihaidokuto Extract Tablets

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じんましん 水虫 湿疹 皮膚炎

Jumihaidokuto Extract Tablets 《Kracie Kampo》

Japanese:十味敗毒湯 Jumihaidokuto,

Internal capacity

96 tablets

Prescription commentary

“Jumihaidokuto” is a herbal medicine listed in “Yokahosen,” a Japanese medical book written by Seishu Hanaoka, one of the world’s greatest doctors who conducted the world’s first breast cancer surgery under anesthesia in the Edo period.

This medicine is used for the treatment of blotches, acute suppurative skin diseases with redness, swelling, and pain, or skin diseases such as rash and eczema that may be itchy, hot, or suppurative.


Take the following dosages 3 times a day with water or warm water before or between meals.

Adult (15 years old and over)
4 tablets
Under 14 years old 7 years old and over
3 tablets
Under 7 years old 5 years old and over
2 tablets
Less than 5 years
Do not use

Ingredient name/ingredient display

The daily dose of 12 tablets (400 mg/packet) contains 2,000 mg of Jumihaidokuto extract from the following mixed crude drugs;
Bupleurum Root 1.5 g, Platycodon Root 1.5 g, Cnidium Rhizome 1.5 g, Poria Sclerotium 1.5 g, Forsythia Fruit 1.5 g, Cherry Bark 1.5 g, Saposhnikovia Root and Rhizome 1.0 g, Aralia Rhizome 1.0 g, Glycyrrhiza 0.5 g, Schizonepeta Spike 0.5 g, Ginger 0.16 g.
As inactive ingredients, this medicine contains Lactose, Magnesium Stearate, Carmellose Calcium, Cellulose, Magnesium Aluminometasilicate, and Magnesium Aluminum Hydroxide.

medicinal effect

Following symptoms in persons with moderate physical strength who have skin disease with redness which is sometimes suppurating: Early stage of suppurative or acute skin disease, rash, eczema/dermatitis, and athlete's foot.







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