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Tokiinshi Extract Granules

Tokiinshi Extract Granules

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かゆみ 湿疹 皮膚炎

Tokiinshi Extract Granules 《Kracie Kampo》

Japanese:当帰飲子 Tokiinshi
Chinese:當歸飲子 Dāngguī yǐn zi

Internal capacity

24 packets

Prescription commentary

“Tokiinshi” is a herbal medicine listed in the “Kaishinmon” (eczema, pruritus, and other dermatology diseases) chapter of “Saiseiho,” a Chinese medical book that is regarded as a classic in the field of herbal medicines.

This medicine is suitable for people who get cold easily and have dry skin. It is effective in these people for eczema/dermatitis (with little exudate) or itching.


Take the following dosages 3 times a day with water or warm water before or between meals.

Adult (15 years old and over)
1 packet
Under 14 years old 7 years old and over
2/3 packet
Under 6 years old 4 years old and over
1/2 packet
Under 4 years old 2 years old and over
1/3 packet
Less than 2 years
Do not use

Ingredient name/ingredient display

The daily dose of 3 packets (1.5 g/packet) contains 3,200 mg of Tokiinshi extract powder from the following mixed crude drugs;
Japanese Angelica Root 2.5 g, Peony Root 1.5 g, Cnidium Rhizome 1.5 g, Tribulus Fruit 1.5 g, Saposhnikovia Root and Rhizome 1.5 g, Rehmannia Root 2.0 g, Schizonepeta Spike 0.75 g, Astragalus Root 0.75 g, Polygonum Root 1.0 g, Glycyrrhiza 0.5 g.
As inactive ingredients, this medicine contains Hydroxypropylcellulose, and Lactose.

medicinal effect

Following symptoms in persons with moderate or poor physical strength who tend to be sensitive to cold, and have dry skin: eczema/dermatitis (with little secretions), itching.







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