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Kamikihito extract granules

Kamikihito extract granules

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不安 不眠症 貧血

Kamikihito extract granules

Japanese:加味帰脾湯 kamikihito,
Chinese:歸脾湯 liu jun zi tang 加 柴胡(Chái hú),山梔子(Shānzhīzi)

Internal capacity

24 packs (for 8 days)

Prescription commentary

"Kamikihito"is a prescription of"Kamikihito"listed in the Chinese medical book"Saiseiho", which is said to be a classic of Chinese medicine. was taken.

A person with moderate or less physical strength and a pale complexion may become irritable, restless, lethargic and talk less due to anemia or mental and physical overwork, resulting in mental anxiety, neurosis, and insomnia. sometimes effective.


Take with water or hot water before or between meals 3 times a day.

Adult (15 years old and over)
1 packet
Under 15 years old 7 years old and over
2/3 packets
Under 7 years old 4 years old and over
1/2 packet
Under 4 years old 2 years old and over
1/3 packet
under 2 years old
Do not take

Ingredient name/ingredient display

Kamikihito extract powder:2,800mg in 3 packs (1.5g each)
(Extracted from 1.5 g each of carrots, byakujutsu, flower, psycho, sunsounin, and longanniku, 1.0 g each of Astragalus, radish, and sanshishi, 0.75 g each of Onji and Taisou, 0.5 g each of licorice and mokkou, and 0.25 g of ginger.)
Contains hydroxypropylcellulose and lactose as additives.

medicinal effect

The following symptoms of those with moderate or less physical strength, mental and physical fatigue, pale complexion, and occasional fever:anemia, insomnia, mental anxiety, and neurosis.







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Customer Reviews

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Me ha aliviado la anemia en poco tiempo.

Desde que me diagnosticaron anemia, siempre me he sentido muy cansada.
Al buscar en internet me aparecio esta pagina e hice mi primera compra. Estoy super satisfecha con los resultados, necesitare comprar en mas cantidad en la siguiente compra.