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Additive-free - Yamato tea - Assorted

Additive-free - Yamato tea - Assorted

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[Contents] Powdered soft drink
● Hojicha latte 17.5g x 2 bags
● Green tea latte 17.8g x 1 bag
[Product Description] Yamato tea is said to have its origins in 806, when Kobo Daishi Kukai brought back tea seeds from the Tang Dynasty and planted them in Uda, Nara.
Tsukigase and Tahara, which are located in the cool mountains of the Yamato Plateau in the northeastern part of Nara Prefecture, are famous as tea producing areas because of their short daylight hours and large temperature differences between day and night, making it possible to grow high-quality tea leaves.
In addition, tea culture is deeply rooted in Nara, with tea porridge becoming a local food and being eaten for breakfast.
Lately, lattes made with milk and sugar have become popular at cafes in Nara.
We have developed a latte that combines Yamato tea from Nara, sugar, and milk so that you can drink it at home.

In addition, we use sugar beet containing oligosaccharide, which is gentle on the stomach.
We use healthy, low-fat skim milk powder to bring out the flavor of the tea. No ingredients, emulsifiers, preservatives, fragrances, or stabilizers that are not necessary for the body are added.
Also, since we use tea leaves that do not use pesticides, it is safe to eat the tea leaves whole.

``Hojicha, Green Tea Latte'' is characterized by its compatibility with milk, as it uses tea leaves that are less astringent and have a strong tea aroma.

Just pour hot water and you can easily enjoy the feeling of a home cafe.
Please try it during tea time when you want to take a break.







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