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Pesticide-free - Green tea - Powder blend tea

Pesticide-free - Green tea - Powder blend tea

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~You can get all the nutrition from the tea leaves~ This tea is made from powdered Yamato tea produced in Nara Prefecture that does not use pesticides, and allows you to get 70% of the nutrients left in the teapot and hydration at the same time. Zero waste with no need for a teapot! It's simple and easy to make. It has a characteristic matcha-like taste.

Three tea farmers in Nara have created an original blend of powdered tea leaves that are carefully grown without using pesticides. Green tea is a nutritious Japanese superfood. Rich in catechins, vitamins ACEK and folic acid. 200cc of caffeine per gram of caffeine is 23mg, which is about half of the amount of tea brewed in a teapot.
Used tea leaves are a treasure trove of nutrients as they contain the nutrients your body needs!

This is a green tea with a matcha-like flavor that you won't get tired of even if you drink it every day.







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