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Yamamoto Kampo Pharmaceutical Yamamoto Kampo Kale Powder 100% Green Juice 170g Measuring Type

Yamamoto Kampo Pharmaceutical Yamamoto Kampo Kale Powder 100% Green Juice 170g Measuring Type

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aojiru Green juice

Raw materials/ingredients

(Analysis for 3g of powder.)Energy 8kcal Protein 0.603g Fat 0.147g Carbohydrates 0.567g Total dietary fiber 1.086g Soluble dietary fiber 0.384g Insoluble dietary fiber 0.702g Sodium 6.9mg Vitamin B1 0.008mg Vitamin B2 0.035mg Vitamin B6 0.046mg Vitamin C 2.43mg Vitamin E 0.234mg Vitamin K 39.3μg Biotin 0.39μg Pantothenic acid 0.096mg Total carotene 294μg Folic acid 14.1μg β-carotene 288μg Niacin 0.235mg Calcium 72mg Magnesium 12.78mg Potassium 11 1mg Phosphorus 10.2mg Zinc 0.099mg Copper 0.007mg Iron 0.438mg Aspartic acid 45mg Alanine 33mg Arginine 23.1mg Isoleucine 18mg Glycine 23.1mg Glutamic acid 78mg Cystine 7.5mg Threonine 20.1mg Serine 19.8mg Tyrosine 11.4mg Tryptophan 10.2mg Valine 23.7mg Histidine 9.6mg Phenylalanine 22.2mg Proline 30mg Methionine 8.1mg Lysine 25.2mg Leucine 36mg Octacosanol 0.0003mg Caffeine (anhydrous) not detected Gluconic acid 30mg Polyphenol 0.027g Total chlorophyll 7.89mg Lutein 0.6mg SOD20.1 unit γ-amino acid 5.807mg β-glucan 150mg >

  • This product is a 100% pure powder made by directly drying kale and processing it into a fine powder. Kale is a green juice that has a mild smell and taste, and has a good taste. Replenish your diet with green vegetables to help maintain your health.
  • Contents: 170g (85g*2 bags)
  • Ingredients: Kale powder
  • How to save: Avoid direct sunlight and places with high temperature and humidity.
  • Please consume this product once or twice a day as part of your normal diet.
Product shape powder
Brand Yamamoto Kanpo Pharmaceutical
Target age Adult
Material characteristics Plant-based
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