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Seihaito Extract Granules

Seihaito Extract Granules

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Seihaito Extract Granules《Tsumura Kampo》

Japanese:清肺湯 seihaito
Chinese:清肺湯 qing fei tang

Internal capacity

20 packets

Prescription commentary

It is suitable for coughs accompanied by a lot of sticky tartar caused by smoking, pollution of the air, or a complicated cold.

This herbal medicine improves cough with sticky yellowish discharge by moistening bronchial tubes and relieving fever.

Its ability to cool the heat in the lungs is the origin of the prescription name "Seihaito.

It does not contain ingredients that cause drowsiness.


Take the following dosages with water or warm water before a meal.

Daily dosage: 2 times a day

15 years and over
1 packet
7 years old and over and under 15 years old
2/3 packet
4 years old and over and under 7 years old
1/2 packet
2 years old and over and under 4 years old
1/3 packet
Less than 2 years
Do not use

Ingredient name/ingredient display

2 packets (4.5 g) of this medicine contain 3.0 g of Seihaito extract of the following mixed crude drugs;

JP Japanese Angelica Root 1.5 g
JP Ophiopogon Root 1.5 g
JP Poria Sclerotium 1.5 g
JP Scutellaria Root 1.0 g
JP Platycodon Root 1.0 g
JP Apricot Kernel 1.0 g
JP Gardenia Fruit 1.0 g
JP Mulberry Bark 1.0 g
JP Jujube 1.0 g
JP Citrus Unshiu Peel 1.0 g
JP Asparagus Root 1.0 g
JP Fritillaria Bulb 1.0 g
JP Glycyrrhiza 0.5 g
JP Schisandra Fruit 0.5 g

(JP : The Japanese Pharmacopoeia) Inactive ingredients: JP Light Anhydrous Silicic Acid, JP Magnesium Stearate, JP Lactose Hydrate

Medicinal effect

Following symptoms in persons with moderate physical strength who complain of prolonged coughing, and stuck and excess excretion of phlegm: Coughing with excess phlegm or bronchitis







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