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Medicine Nihondo - Food and Longevity

Medicine Nihondo - Food and Longevity

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30 packs/60 packs

Product Introduction

Based on the concept of "grain and vegetable diet", we have blended various grains, beans, vegetables, and other Traditional Chinese Medicine ingredients that are difficult to consume in daily meals, in our own unique balance, to create a powdered health food. Following the traditional diet born from a life in harmony with nature, we have focused on supplementing as much as possible from plant-based ingredients.

Increase in "new (modern) nutritional imbalance"!
"New (modern) nutritional imbalance" refers to a state where, despite consuming enough calories, the nutrients necessary to maintain health are lacking due to an unbalanced diet, leading to various physical disorders such as fatigue and susceptibility to colds.

Seven diverse ingredients
For a healthy daily life, regardless of daily weather, environmental changes, or age, it is essential to build a balanced "foundation for the body". In addition to the main ingredients "rice germ", "mixed grains", and "koji", we have also included "Tamogi mushroom" containing nutrients such as ergothioneine and β-glucan, the long-cherished "adzuki beans", and the uniquely Japanese vegetable with strong vitality, "Asatsuki".

Five carefully selected Traditional Chinese Medicine ingredients
Utilizing the expertise of a Traditional Chinese Medicine specialty store, we have blended powerful Traditional Chinese Medicine ingredients in our own unique balance to support daily health. Although difficult to consume in daily meals, these ingredients are essential for maintaining daily health.

Four additive-free features for continued consumption
Even if good ingredients can be consumed, we believe that a product cannot be considered "truly good for the body" if it contains concerning or unnecessary substances. With no preservatives, colorants, fragrances, or artificial sweeteners, we have minimized unnecessary additives, resulting in a flavor that subtly reflects the acidity of rice bran and the aroma of grains from the ingredients themselves.

How to Consume

As a guide, dissolve 1-3 packs per day in water or your preferred beverage.

To maximize the power of the enzymes, the manufacturing process has been optimized, resulting in a fine powder. If you find it difficult to drink due to choking or other reasons, gently place it under your tongue and swallow with water, or dissolve it in your regular beverages such as water, yogurt, or soymilk.


Rice germ extract (domestically manufactured), maltose, grain koji extract concentrate (indigestible dextrin, brown rice koji extract concentrate, soybean koji extract concentrate), indigestible dextrin, processed grains (barley, brown rice, germinated brown rice, pearl barley, sprouted barley, glutinous brown rice, glutinous barley, black glutinous rice, green soybeans, sorghum, Job's tears, red glutinous rice, foxtail millet, yellow soybeans, black soybeans, adzuki beans, proso millet, corn), Tamogi mushroom powder, Asatsuki powder, adzuki bean powder, mozuku extract, Japanese ginseng (Hiuga Toki) leaf powder, chaga powder, Kuko seed powder, Ezoukogikazura powder, jujube extract (dextrin, jujube extract)/calcium phosphate

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