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Yaku Nippondo - Raku Terusei 60 tablets <30 days guideline>

Yaku Nippondo - Raku Terusei 60 tablets <30 days guideline>

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Rakkisei 60 tablets <30 days guideline>



60 Grain

Product introduction

This supplement is recommended for those who want to have some relaxation and leeway in their overworked days.
We have carefully selected 7 types of Japanese and Chinese ingredients, including ``turmeric'', ``keiketsu'', and ``tokiha'', which support our daily journeys, as well as ``mandarin peel'' and ``hakuga'', which have a refreshing flavor that relaxes your mood. Based on Oriental theory, we have created a formulation that takes advantage of the characteristics of each product. Furthermore, it also contains ``soy isoflavones (aglycone type)'' and ``crocetin'' derived from gardenia. By combining it with Japanese and Chinese materials, it will help you stay refreshed during your busy days with work and housework. A healthy body is the secret to being kind even when you have a busy day. ``Raku Terusei'' aims to be a partner that brightens your daily life by providing a pleasant and refreshing feeling to the mind and body, which are susceptible to fluctuations due to environmental changes such as age, daily life/monthly rhythms, and temperature. If you want to spend a peaceful day, please try it.

How to take

Take 2 tablets a day with water or hot water.

Ingredient name

15.0g (250mg x 60 tablets)
Turmeric powder (manufactured in Japan), soybean isoflavone extract powder (contains soybeans), Keiketsu powder, Tokiba powder, Western thin fruit powder, tangerine peel powder, lotus leaf powder/trehalose , cellulose, calcium stearate, fine silicon dioxide, HPC, gardenia pigment

Nutritional information display
Energy: 1.85kcal
Protein: 0.02g
Fat: 0.01g
Carbohydrate: 0.42g
Salt equivalent amount: 0.0004g







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