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Yaku Nippondo-Kimetsu Tea 15 packets

Yaku Nippondo-Kimetsu Tea 15 packets

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Yaku Nihondo - Qijuncha 15 sachets



15 sachets

Product introduction

Healthy tea that circulates throughout the body and supports beauty and health

Today's world is said to be a stressful society. Many women in particular are prone to various health problems due to aging, changes in hormonal balance, and exposure to seasonal problems such as pollen. Furthermore, Qimegurcha can care for the body and beauty of women who are concerned about various things such as ``people's eyes'' and ``inner fluctuations'' all at once.
A highly concentrated blend of carefully selected 13 types of Japanese and Chinese plants with high health and safety from the vast recipes of Yaku Nippondo, a store specializing in Chinese medicine. Based on the idea that beauty and health are created by "giving good things to your body," you can experience a "change from within" by supplementing your body with good things. This is a healthy tea that is delicious, good for the body, and beautiful, with a focus on taste and ease of drinking so that even those who find it difficult to drink tea made with Japanese and Chinese ingredients can drink it every day.

How to use

Boil 800ml of water, add 1 packet and boil until desired consistency. Once it's done, transfer it to a pot and drink it. Alternatively, put one packet in a teapot, pour boiling water, and steep for about 5 minutes before enjoying.

Ingredients name

5g x 15 packets
duchu leaf, Dongding oolong tea, lotus leaf, bear bamboo, dokudami leaf , citrus peel, puerh tea, reishi mushroom, chaga, goji leaf, ginseng, eleuthero leaf, goji berry







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