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Kyukichoketsuin Extract FC Tablets

Kyukichoketsuin Extract FC Tablets

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体力低下 月経不順 神経症

Kyukichoketsuin Extract FC Tablets 《Kracie Kampo》

Japanese:芎帰調血飲 kekichoketsuin
Chinese:芎歸調血飲 Qiōng guī diào xuè yin

Internal capacity

72 tablets (for 8 days)

Prescription commentary

"Kyukichoketsuin"is a prescription listed in the Chinese medical book"Manbyou Kaishun", which is said to be a classic of Chinese medicine.

It is effective for irregular menstruation, postpartum neurosis, physical weakness, etc.


Take with water or hot water before or between meals 3 times a day.

Adult (15 years old and over)
3 tablets once
Under 15 years old 5 years old and over
2 tablets once
under 5 years old
Children under the age of 5 Do not take

Ingredient name/ingredient display

Daily dosage for adults:9 tablets (405mg per tablet) Kyukichoketsuin extract:2,300mg
(Extracted from 1.0 g each of Touki, Senkyu, Chiou, Byakujutsu, Bukuryo, Chimpi, Uyaku, Koubushi, and Botanpi, 0.75 g each of Yakumoso, Taiso, and Glycyrrhiza, and 0.5 g of Glycyrrhiza.)
As additives, it contains talc, silicon dioxide, cross CMC-Na, CMC-Ca, Mg stearate, cellulose, hypromellose, macrogol and carnauba wax.

medicinal effect

The following symptoms for those with moderate or lower physical strength. However, after giving birth, it can be used regardless of physical strength.:Irregular menstruation, postpartum neurosis, physical weakness







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