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Ireito Extract EX Tablets

Ireito Extract EX Tablets

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下痢 嘔吐 腹痛

Ireito Extract EX Tablets 《Kracie Kampo》

Japanese:胃苓湯 ireito
Chinese:胃苓湯 Wei Ling Tang

Internal capacity

36 tablets

Prescription commentary

"Ireito"is a medicinal formula listed in the Chinese medical book"Kokin Ikan", which is said to be a classic of Chinese medicine.

There are two prescriptions:"Heisan", which is used to treat indigestion due to a heavy stomach, and"Goreisan", which is used to treat symptoms such as thirst, low urine volume, nausea, and swelling. )” is a combination of prescriptions.

It is effective for cold stomach, abdominal pain, acute gastroenteritis, heat stroke, and food poisoning in people with watery diarrhea and vomiting, thirst, and decreased urine output.


Take with water or hot water before or between meals 3 times a day.

Adult (15 years old and over)
4 tablets once
Under 15 years old 7 years old and over
3 tablets once
Under 7 years old 5 years old and over
3 tablets once
under 5 years old
Do not take

Ingredient name/ingredient display

12 tablets (1 tablet 305mg) daily dose for adults Goryito extract:1,920mg
Extracted from 1.5g each of Sojutsu, Kouboku, Chimpi, Chorei, Takusha, Byakujutsu, and Bukuryo, 1.2g of cinnamon, 0.9g each of Taiso and Ginger, and 0.6g of licorice.
It contains talc, cross-CMC-Na, CMC-Ca, silicon dioxide, Mg stearate, cellulose, hypromellose, macrogol and carnauba wax as additives.

medicinal effect

The following symptoms for those with moderate physical strength who have watery diarrhea and vomiting accompanied by thirst and decreased urine volume:food poisoning, heat sickness, cold stomach, acute gastroenteritis, abdominal pain







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